Library-2010 Emerald Ridge Vineyard Pinot Noir


Tasting Notes

The capricious 2010 vintage seemed to perfectly match our masochistic winemaker, perfectionist farmer, and this wonderfully expressive vineyard. Like the 2003s, a difficult vintage can produce our absolute favorite wines. The 2010 Emerald Ridge shows that combination of ebullient fruit, luscious structure, and intricate complexity that really gets us off on Pinot. In the nose, it teases with wild blueberry compote, blackberry, nutmeg and cardamom spice, then follows in the mouth with an enveloping richness of blackberry, blueberry and wild cherry fruit, and an endless finish of sour berry cobbler and Asian spices. The wonderful plush tannins, bright acidity and moderate alcohol enable this wine to be lush without being over the top. Its clarity and freshness support its richness, and will carry it for years to come.

Winemaker's Notes

The Vineyard

Last year we introduced Emerald Ridge as our exciting new Green Valley offering, and were thrilled to receive such a hugely positive response. We love this vineyard and resulting wine for so many reasons. The site is an ideal east facing slope with perfect Gold Ridge sandy loam soil, and in 1991 Steve planted it to an array of our favorite clonal selections. From our chosen blocks we harvest and ferment 3 separate lots each year: deep, dark chewy wine from the mixed block of Pommard and 2A (there’s always something special about mixed clone fermentations); strikingly focused and precise fruit driven wine from the 667; and bright structured wine from the 828.


Dan gets to obsess (one of his favorite activities) over which lots make the cut to the final wine, and exactly how to blend these lots to produce an archetype of juicy, ebullient and structured Green Valley pinot. In the crazy cold/hot/cold vintage of 2010, the 2A/Pommard lot was the standout, as the thick skins and slow ripening of these clones was a clear advantage. To its 10 chosen barrels we blended 6 barrels of the 667 for their core of juicy, focused blackberry fruit.



After hand sorting and destemming into small open top fermenters, the must is cold-soaked for 5 days in order to gently extract color, spice and fruit characters, while mitigat­ing harsher tannins. Each clone is treated individually; for instance, the Pommard/2A block needs the gentlest handling given its highly tannic nature, while the 828 generally likes the longest time in the fermenter to enhance its floral aromatics. They are punched down between 1 and 4 times per day depending on the stage of fermentation, and character of the lot. The blend was put together in May of 2011, then sent back to barrel until bottling in August of that year. For Emerald Ridge, we’ve chosen Alain Foquet barrels as the signature for their soft richness and toffee overtones. The depth of this wine beautifully integrates the sweetness of Alain’s barrels.


Library-2010 Emerald Ridge Vineyard Pinot Noir

Technical Data

Alcohol: 13.8 %

Titratable Acidity: 0.62 gm/100 ml

pH: 3.53

Winemaking: Open top fermentation, cold soak, punch down

Barrel Aging: Aged 12 months in French oak (55% new barrels)