Library-2010 Rued Vineyard Chardonnay

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Tasting Notes

Rued vines just don’t flinch...they handle the cold and fog, extreme heat, drought, torrential rain and more, and just do their old yogi Rued thing. It’s the Uppeka (equanimity) that comes from being grounded in the earth where they thrive. The 2010 vintage gave us most of the above, and maybe because of that it’s one of our favorite Rued vintages. Spring 2010 broke a 3-year drought with lots of late rain (hence late budbreak and bloom), then brought an incessantly cold summer—great for long ripening and solid acidity. Two massive heat spikes (in late August and late September) freaked out most vines and vineyard owners but didn’t bug Rued a bit. The wine is concentrated candy for adults: the nose of pear, mango and tangerine fruit, with tones of toffee, ginger, mineral and honeydew lure you in, while focused flavors of lychee, melon and lime keep you coming back. We prize Rued for its cleansing phenolic edge and bright acidity which balances its lushness, and carries the pear, apple and buttercream finish. You will be rewarded by letting it open up in the glass, not to mention aging for many years to come.

Winemaker's Notes

The Vineyard

In 1969 Warren Dutton planted this scenic Chardonnay vineyard on a redwood ringed, east-facing hillside in Green Valley. Originally budded as Old Wente selection, it turns out that over half of the wood he received was a so called “chardonnay musqué” selection, which produce wines of floral, high-toned fruit aromas, and exceptionally rich mouthfeel. The selection has since been propagated across California and is referred to as the “Rued Selection.” But the clone is just a small part of the distinction of this magical place. The soil is super sandy Goldridge series, the wonderful old vines are dry farmed, impressively healthy, and amazingly consistent, whatever the weather throws at us. The berries are thick skinned and tiny for chard, and produce a wine of solid acidity, unusual mineralty, an enticing depth of flavors and tremendous ageabilty.


The exceptional fruit from this old vineyard enables the winemaker to pull out all the stops and still produce a wine of great structure and fruit focus. Rued is 100% barrel fermented, and undergoes full malolactic fermentation. A large portion of the barrels are fermented using native yeast for richness and complexity, while some are inoculated with cultured strains that showcase the floral aromatics of the clone. The blend for this wine was barrel selected in April of 2011, blended along with the primary yeast lees, and then sent back to barrel until bottling in February of 2012. For the 2010 blend we particularly loved the fresh ginger and high-toned spice impact of Seguin Moreau Burgundy Grand Cru barrels, along with the depth of structure and richness imparted by Taransaud (usually a Pinot barrel for most folks). With the great solidity and concentration of this fruit, long barrel aging adds a wonderful combination of lushness and complexity.

Awards & Accolades

97 Points! Wine Enthusiast

Library-2010 Rued Vineyard Chardonnay

Technical Data

Alcohol 13.7%

TA 0.56 gm/100 ml

pH 3.44

Winemaking 100% barrel fermentation, 100% malolactic fermentation, bottled unfiltered, stirred lees

Barrel Aging 17 months in French oak (55% new barrels)