2017 Shop Block Pinot Blanc


Tasting Notes

It’s become a tradition to welcome the previous year’s vintage with the release of this ode to spring, our Shop Block Pinot Blanc. The wine gives us a peek at what to expect from the vintage in our other wines. Based on this wine, the 2017 wines will be that perfect balance of creamy density and lively acidity. The wet winter got the vines off to a great start, and the warm growing season kept the pace up, giving us healthy vines that were able to withstand the heat spike and thunderstorms we saw at harvest. The wine leads with nectarine and lemon blossom aromas, accented by richer mango and guava notes that lend a creamy perception to the nose. A little crushed oyster shell chimes in, adding a mineral note to the wine. In the mouth, the round/bright dance continues, with key lime pie greeting you, followed by apricot and white peach, while a kiss of Meyer lemon provides a super fresh finish. This is the wine you want to laze away with on a warm day, either on its own, or with some light snacks of young cheeses, fresh shrimp, or chicken salad lettuce cups.

Winemaker's Notes

The Vineyard

When Warren Dutton purchased his original Graton Road ranch in 1964, it was producing French Colombard and Gray Riesling grapes, along with Rome apples. In the 1970s he replaced the Riesling and apples with more French Colombard. Situated in the valley of Purrington Creek, a tributary of Green Valley Creek, this is a wonderful spot for cold loving white grapes. Here the cold coastal air lingers through the mornings and nurtures fruit of fresh acidity and flavor concentration, while the deep but well drained Goldridge sandy loam soil grows healthy, balanced vines. When it was time to finally replant this block in 2003, the Duttons decided to try a bit of Pinot Blanc to augment the killer Chardonnay adjacent to this spot. Pinot Blanc is a white skinned mutation of Pinot Noir, prized for its fresh stone fruit flavors and cleansing mouthfeel. This vineyard is now completely dry farmed. As a special little treat to our best friends, DG is vinifying just a small amount of this mouthwateringly fresh Pinot Blanc.



The goal in vinifying our Pinot Blanc is to showcase the freshness and minerality of this varietal. To that end, we ferment the wine in stainless steel at a cool 50 degrees F. This retains the fresh esters of fermentation and the central core of fruit. We also employ an Alsatian yeast strain that showcases the high tone aromatics that are so inviting in this wine. We allow malolactic fermentation to proceed part way in order to flesh out the exotic peach aromas and impart a bit of extra richness in the mouth, but not to completion (we’re such teases) so as to preserve the fresh acidity and minerality.

2017 Shop Block Pinot Blanc

Technical Data

Harvest Date: September 11, 2017
Alcohol: 13.8%
Titratable Acidity: 4.9 g/L
pH: 3.48
Winemaking: 100% Stainless Ferment, Partial Malolactic

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