• Harvest Ends Under Blue Skies

    October 8, 2020 15:21


    Devil's Gulch Chardonnay clusters go into the press and drain into the bin below before going to tank and barrel

    Harvest Ends...under blue skies

    We brought in the last of our fruit for 2020 this week, with two of our Devil's Gulch vineyards: our Devil's Gulch Chardonnay came in yesterday, and Mark Pasternak's tiny bit of Gewürztraminer wrapped up the season this morning. This milestone was happily marked under clear blue skies, as firefighters made great progress on the Glass Fire over last weekend. Containment now stands at over 60%. There's a possibility of rain in the forecast this weekend, so we are looking forward to an end to the fire season to go with the end to our harvest season!

    We ended the 2020 harvest with a total of about 118 tons brought in, from 15 vineyards. Sadly, much of our Pinot Noir in Sonoma County was left unharvested due to smoke damage. 
    Our fingers are crossed for our earliest picks, including Emerald Ridge, Devil’s Gulch (in Marin), and our Mendocino vineyards which are finishing fermentation. The whites seem to be less affected by smoke taint, as does Zinfandel—varietal differences in smoke metabolism are poorly studied, but we are learning. All the wines that are in fermentation are being closely watched and analyzed, and no wine that we don’t love will be put in bottle. 

    A huge source of gratification in this tragic year is the camaraderie amongst our respected and loved neighbors. All have gone to great lengths to share resources, information, ideas, and support at this time. Together we stand!


    Last call on bright whites

    Even though Fall is officially here, you can still capture that summer feeling with our bright whites. We are down to the last cases on these wines, so get your supply to last you until our new release next Spring.

    2019 Shop Block Pinot Blanc
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    2019 Rosé of Pinot Noir 
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    2019 Devil's Gulch Vineyard Gewürztraminer 
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    This just in from Forbes:
    Dan's two passions: winemaking and cycling

    Forbes just ran this great interview with Dan, talking about his love of winemaking and riding his bike. Here's a snippet, you can read the full article here

    Speaking about his major passion (other than making wine), Goldfield told us, “One thing about biking that sets it apart is you feel micro differences in climate and topography more than any other sport. When you’re in these intricate places in the world, biking lets you feel the roles of the earth very well.” The same could also be said about growing grapes and making wine—they make you “feel micro differences in climate and topography” more than any other type of farming. Goldfield’s love of the outdoors extends to his search for vineyard sites that best match his intentions in the winery. 


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    Happy Fall! The end of the year will be here before you know it. 

    Your friends at DG