New releases of all kinds! Plus the return of a favorite...

April 8, 2022 15:21


Our new release Chardonnay is a star already!

2019 Walker Hill Vineyard Pinot Noir
94 points, Wine Enthusiast

" once fairly full and yet light on its feet with a neatly meshed mix of sweet apples and creamy oak running its very considerable length"
~ Connoisseur's Guide to California Wine

We are unabashed Chardonnay lovers at Dutton-Goldfield, as this bottling proves—we started making it because the winemaker wanted to drink it! This wine is everything we want of Green Valley Chardonnay: powerful citrus fruit and tense acidity wrapped in the candied setting of classic chardonnay winemaking. Situated 500 vertical feet above Purrington Creek on fluffy Goldridge soil, the block was planted in the early 1980s, and produces the tiny berries with thick skins we love from old Wente in Green Valley. While the majority goes into our Dutton Ranch Chardonnay blend, we take our very favorite barrels for this limited bottling.

The 2019 season imparted a little extra luscious richness to our lively Walker Hill Chardonnay, wrapping the citrus core with a satiny texture. The nose leads with an orchard of aromas, ranging from lemon blossom, Asian pear, and Granny Smith apple. Notes of pineapple, dried apricot, and brioche provide a plush backdrop. This intricate fruit mélange and fresh/creamy dance follows through in the mouth, with Eureka lemon, kiwi, and papaya flavors interlaced with gardenia and crème brûlée. Beautifully balanced until the end, the wine finishes with ginger-lemon drops kissed with toffee. 

2019 Walker Hill Vineyard Chardonnay



Brittany's New Release:
Meet the tiniest member of Team DG, Baby Veda!

We are so excited for Brittany, our wine club manager, and her husband Chris, who welcomed their baby girl on Saturday, April 2. Join us in sending our big congratulations to the Alejos family!

Brittany reports that Veda Rae is a great baby, which just means that our powerhouse Brittany will probably be looking for things to do before too long! She'll be taking a few months off, but our members can count on seeing her at our Wine Club Luau this summer.

Look for news and your invitation to the Luau and other upcoming club events soon!


The Return of a Favorite:
Not a wine, but a wine pourer—David Hewitt is back!

As so many of you know, David opened our tasting room back in 2010, and was with DG for seven years. He decided to go see what the rest of the wine world had to offer, but realized his home is here with us. We're thrilled to have him back in our tasting room, sharing his love of our wines with our wonderful guests. He's working Thursdays through Sundays, so make plans to come by and say hello again. 

Our tastings are still by appointment, but if we have availability, we're always happy to take walk-ins. If you're in the neighborhood, take a chance and stop in, or give us a call at 707.827.3600 to see if we have space.


In the Vineyards:
The 2022 season is off to a warm start

Emerald Ridge Pinot and Morelli Lane Zinfandel

What do you get when you put together 35" of early rains and a warm a dry winter? A quick-growing, ahead-of-normal start to the 2022 growing season.

Our extremely wet Fall filled all the Dutton Ranch ponds (opposite of 2020, when they had about 6" of sad little puddles in their bottoms), setting the vineyards up for whatever may lay ahead. As you can see from the pictures of Emerald Ridge pinot and Morelli Lane zinfandel vines, the growth is looking strong, lush, and green. The little clusters are forming nicely, with nearly all shoots having at least 2 bunches as we hope for. We had a bit of frost very early before the vines had pushed out, so there hasn't even been much need for frost protection watch this year. Our typical last frost date is late April, but we've been known to have frost into May and even early June. Fingers crossed that's not the case this year! 

Bloom usually happens in May, but we could see it sooner this year at some sites if the warm weather continues. This week we even hit 90 degrees in Sebastopol, so that will definitely keep pushing things along at this rapid pace. 


Sunday is National Hug Your Dog Day, so be sure to give your pooch an extra squeeze!

We have several winery friends with dogs named Dutton, including the super cute (and huggable) one here, as well as our wonderful club members the Johnson's IG star @dutton_thekiawahisland_cavapoo. Keep the dog love coming!


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